Be it a small package or more than 100 pallets we undertake to store.

Transportation has been one of the main profiles of our company right at its founding and this hasn't changed since. We are proud that we have a decade's experience with domestic and international transportation. Consequently there can only be a few challenges we haven't been tested with. What is more, with our high-level service we can fulfill almost all the requests we receive.

Our philosophy is that transportation can only work flawlessly if the tasks are served by our own fleet, eliminating all external factors. This is the reason why we set up a modern, in average only 1,5-years-old fleet where we have vans, box trucks, refridgerated trucks and semi-trailers. We serve our customers' orders with safe and clean vehicles that are in perfect condition, satisfy environmental standards and are regularly inspected by authorized service dealers. We fulfill assignments with non-stop delivery, our vehicles under 3,5 tons are eligible to enter all road types thus are perfect to serve express shipments.

An extreme example: Unless there is a vis major situation on the road, we can accomplish the 1000 kilometres long ride from Budapest to Frankfurt in 12 hours. One of our strenghts is to reach the place of delivery as fast as possible, efficiently and flexibly while obeying the rules.

It can happen that our own fleet is not enough to satisfy an order of bigger volume. In these cases we can flawlessly complete an order by using our extensive network of our sub-contractors. We align to the special requirements as soon as possible, delivering even with multiple drivers. The fixed-term contracts that we offer to our partner companies guarantee reduced fees..

By using the Webeye satellite monitoring system we support our customers with GPS based surveillance both for complete and partial deliveries. We are prepared for any unexpected event – in case of a breakdown we have our own rescue vehicles while we are also in contact with multiple roadside assistance companies.


As a result of the above we had hundreds of satisfied customers in the last couple of years. Try us, you will not regret it!


Close to the heart of the country and our customers.

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